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Unintentional Experts

When the crew at Argos Cement Plant in West Virginia called about their black vulture problem, they were told it wasn't a problem. There were only 300 birds in the entire state. That was news to the crew because they were looking at 500 birds out the window. This is the story about how a group of environmental workers at the Argos Cement Plant became "Unintentional Experts" on the Black Vulture problem


Unintentional Experts

They didn't set out to become Black Vulture experts but sometimes heroes rise to the occasion.

First they had to identify the problem

Through interviews we learn how the team identified the problem and the massive miscommunication that was happening statewide.

Trial and Error and a bit of teamwork

Through interviews and the study of data, the team has generated plans and implemented safe solutions to protect the site and the vultures.