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Why should you choose Video?

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Did you know that 98% of all homes in the US have a television and 77% of them have cable/pay TV? With statistics like that, it is no wonder that the Fortune 500 companies utilize cable advertising.  But if the talk of the million dollar Super Bowl ads have kept you from looking into cable, think again. Fortune 500 companies pay for the National distribution of their commercials. That isn’t necessary for a small business. Local cable advertising has two great advantages. It is targetable not only to your local market but also your target audience. This means contractors or landscapers can advertise on HGTV in their local area, or specialty toy stores can advertise on Nickelodeon, generally for prices between $20 and $60 per spot.

And, don't forget the Internet. According to, November 2006 “Internet video marketing campaigns increase clickthrough rates by 750%.” Video can be a huge advantage in online advertising.

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